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Thanksgiving Holidays – Skiing and Snowboarding

Early winter skiing in the Thanksgiving be a problem. So I called Stratton Mountain in Vermont, to confirm their opening on Thanksgiving at the sight of their work site advertising in elevators and the celebration of fireworks on the opening day. Receipt confirming opened. They lied. He did not open and there were no fireworks.

Although Stratton opened the next day, the conditions and available limited. Only intermediate and advanced routes available. Bromley Mountain site had no plans to reopen the first week in December.

In northern Vermont, Killington offers world-class skiing and snowboarding terrain and is the largest resort in eastern North America. He consistently ranked # 1 resort in the north-east for both groomed trails and terrain parks for skiing and snowboarding. He has 750 acres with two cabins and seven express chairs in the room of more than 71 miles of trails in different areas and 13 ski and snowboard areas. They have about 1,400 snow guns that 71% of the total area covered. The summit is 4214 meters high with a base height of 1615 meters.

Killington had a few options open Thanksgiving weekend. Greenways on the Great Northern were open and beautiful. But the problems with most of the routes they were to be half way through the ice is probably used by problems with the equipment to produce artificial snow caused. The conditions were terrible experience for all with a beginner to the ski lift lines and long for access to Killington Peak in K-1 Gondola Express, the highest lift in Vermont.

Interestingly, Vermont has a tax of 9% of sales on accommodation, meals in restaurants and 10% on alcoholic beverages and if this were not enough, some communities a local option tax on rooms and meals. These sales taxes should go to be seriously hurt businesses on the border of the state and the other located on a tight budget stop over. Although you can buy snowboard and ski without paying taxes, eating out is a different story.

For example, Brattleboro VT in Windham County is the largest city near the ski resort and the town of Stratton Mountain best Accommodations near. Brattleboro imposed a tax on the sales tax of 1% state wide. Interestingly, in the vicinity of New Hampshire has no sales tax or state tax on the individual W-2 wages. Even the New York State is friendlier with a national sales tax of 4%.

The ski areas in the State of New York are within the areas of population heavier eastern U.S. and not usually open until late into the winter season, with the possible exception of White Face Hunter, Bellaire, Platte kill, and those in an array of snow cannons invested. New York has over 50 ski resorts. A state that most resorts of any state in America because of the Catskill Mountains, the highest peaks of the Adirondacks.

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