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Different Types Of Ski Holiday Snow

In the eyes of the majority of people, a ski holiday is a ski holiday; as long as there is lots of the whites stuff and a person on skis – you have the bases covered. Like most things, however, there are subtle differences which can be vital when approaching booking a ski holiday, an often overlooked factor is the different types of snow that can be encountered during a skiing trip.

Many of these different types of snow can be encountered on one mountain, meaning that people should be aware of what they should be expecting. In general, there is a big difference between the kind of snow that will be found higher up the mountain, and the snow that is found lower in the mountain.

Snow that is found higher up will generally be drier, due to the difference in altitude – this snow is more powdery and squeaks under foot; the snow lower down the mountain will usually be softer and wetter, with the occasional patches of slush being stumbled across.

The snow also varies under different conditions; for example, skiing in the spring can be a a mixed bag for experiences for many newcomers due to the slushy nature of the snow – despite this, many people enjoy the fact that they can indulge in skiing and acquire themselves a premium tan.

There is also skiing on the powder, which can be a new and terrifying experience to many because it requires a different technique than skiing on wetter snow; many people prefer to grab hold of an instructor to show them exactly how to deal with this type of snow, as it troubles most beginners. Man-made snow is also a surprise to many new skiers; some people liken the feel of this kind of snow to gravel when compared to the silky experience of the real thing – there is also yet another technique to be mastered for handling this kind of snow proficiently.

It can seem like a lot to take in, but having a knowledge over all the kinds of terrain that can be encountered on a skiing trip is the first step towards having a safe and fun holiday. At the end of your skiing you can always visit a ski bar to relax with your family and friends.

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